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Chef's Specials

Halibut Carpaccio

The Specials

If any of our items contain something you don't like or do not eat, please ask the chef to modify the order to your taste.  For example if you do not want mayonnaise or if you would like eel sauce on particular dish just ask and will make every effort t to fulfill your request.


Seared Fresh Salmon Carpaccio

Seared salmon sashimi topped with a sauce of salsa, olive oil, lemon and ponzu

$15.00 Lauren's Special

Seared tuna sashimi with crispy oninon and ginger ponzu sauce

Jay's way

Spicy tuna on crispy rice, avacoda, and onion with special sauce

$6.00 thumbnail image Spicy Yellowtail Tar Tar

Yellowtail in a spicy sauce, served  with Chips Appetizer

Spicy Albacore Tower

Albacore in a spicy sauce, drizzled with sesame oil

$14.00 Whitefish Sashimi with Jalapenos

The name says it all

Sesame delight

Fresh crab, spicy tuna and avocado wrapped in cucumber

$13.00 Salad Roll

Fresh crab, shrimp, avocado, lettuce and sprouts wrapped in cucumber

Sea Urchin Tempura Roll

Cucumber avocado roll topped with sea urchin tempura

$15.00 thumbnail image Tuna Katsu Roll

Crispy deep-fried tuna on a cut roll

Halibut Carpaccio

Halibut with yuzu, citrus and ponzu sauce

$14.00 The Obama Roll

Tuna, salmon, albacore, yellowtail and crab with shrimp tempura and avocado in soy paper. (Yes we can!)



Expression is used at sushi restaurants to leave the selection to the chef. It differs from ordering à la carte.  The chef will generally present a series of plates, beginning with the lightest fare and proceeding to heaviest, richest dishes.

Chef's Choice Omakase

Bai (Plum) Price is per person

$30.00 Chef's Choice Omakase

Chiku (Bamboo) Price is per person

Chef's Choice Omakase

Sho (Pine) Price is per person


(* = Suitable for Vegetarians.)

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